About the Bootcamp Fitness Program

Group Personal Training

Gill and her team instruct each Bootcamp class to do a variety of fitness exercises that will not only help with weight loss but will enhance their fitness levels too. Throughout the year she not only encourages everyone but she runs weight loss programs and challenges to encourage healthy lifestyle.

Each instructor for each Bootcamp fitness class will welcome and introduce each new member to the group exercise class of their choice and ease them into the Bootcamp routine. The instructors are dedicated to getting the most out of everyone.

Each group exercise class is flexible enough to accommodate all levels of fitness. Everyone that joins in the fitness program work together and are motivated to attempt all the group exercises. It is a sociable and fun environment to be in. The fitness classes are varied and structured and even include kettle bell workouts, mini circuits and games. There is a good mix between cardio and strengthening your core muscles.

Join a class today, it is a great stress reliever and you will increase your fitness levels.

What is Bootcamp?
  • Fun – exercise with like minded people
  • Challenging – varied exercises at each session
  • Calorie Burner – an all over body workout – you decide how much you want to burn

Bootcamp Overview

Boot Camp Exercise is outdoor fitness training in a structured group environment – short distance (jogging, striding and sprinting), strength training, core conditioning and Kettlebell training.
Bootcamp is effective as the entire body is worked by moving between exercises without breaks.
Workouts include exercises such as pushups, sit-ups, jump squats, lunges, burpees, Kettlebell swings and snatches etc.
Your challenge is to take your body to its limit (at your individual level) and then progressively increase it.
You work hard, you sweat and most importantly, you burn a lot of calories.
Boot Camp is for women and men. Every session is a different exercise workout so you will constantly be challenged and it will improve your health and fitness levels.

Fitness Tests

Fitness Tests are an important part of Bootcamp. This is your test and a goal and a guide to work towards each month. The monthly weight measurements and fitness tests are NOT compulsory. Don’t miss these sessions even if you don’t want to record your results, just use the Fitness Test as a great training session.