What does Way To Wellness Bootcamp include?

  • Two or three 1 hour sessions per week.
  • The Bootcamp Equipment is provided by your instructor this may include exercise mats, skipping ropes, therabands, medicine balls, Swiss balls and Kettlebells.
  • There are regular Group challenges and competitions amongst all Bootcampers.
  • Nutritional and motivational education and advice.
  • Monthly fitness tests and body evaluation.
  • The cost per month includes monthly fitness assessments, motivational and nutritional advice and support, and all equipment.
  • The proposed minimum period of training is 6 months to see meaningful results.

Is Way to Wellness Bootcamp registered with Discovery Vitality?

  • Yes, we are
  • All you need to do is pay the R150 annual administration charge and make sure that Gill has your ID number and she will do the rest
  • 150 points per boot camp session

What is the Elimination Challenge all about?

Requirements for challenge:
Follow the bootcamp exercise program at one of the 4 venues (Saints, Yum, Dainfern College or Fernbrook) and the The Elimination Diet.

From my side, here is what’s involved:

  • You’ll be following the elimination diet for the full FOUR – SIX weeks.
  • You’ll be training minimum 2 x bootcamp sessions per week.
  • You’ll blog, Facebook (this is important to keep the buzz going for all the other nuts going through the program).
  • You’ll post before and afters of your journey (if you don’t want to post your head that’s fine but we want to see the changes) and allow us to use them to brag, boast and shout from the rooftops about our amazing challenges :)
  • You’ll write a testimonial (an honest one) about the experience for us to continue bragging.
  • You’ll be an ACTIVE participant in the challenge
  • You’ll do this with a smile and not make it a punishment for yourself and others by complaining and whining. Have Fun, get fit, lose weight and get Healthy.

What do you need to bring to Bootcamp

  • Your own water
  • Your own towel
  • A positive attitude
  • Be prepared to have fun whilst getting a GREAT workout