Cell C mini challenge 8 – 26 February 2016

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An important part of Way to Wellness Bootcamps are our challenges. We hold two a year, one full challenge and one mini challenge. It gets everyone going, spices up our motivation to achieve the next level of our goals. Feb is mini challenge month. We our recent partnership with Cell C we have some amazing prizes up for grabs to really motivate Bootcampers to deliver their best. Points mean prizes … [Read more...]

January 2016 Bring a Friend Special Offer

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We all know that training with a friend or a group of friends makes working out a whole lot more fun . Come the week of 11 January 2016 when we start back, why not bring a friend to try out Way to Wellness Bootcamp? They get to experience the whole of January for free - wow! You get 20% off your next invoice once they join us in February. How good does that sound? What's stopping you & … [Read more...]

Results Spring Challenge 2015

Moaning Mamas - 1st

Well Done to all my super star ChampionsJ Before I jump into this, please remember you truly are all champions, all winners.  The cash and prizes are just the bonus…There always has to be an overall winner – that’s Life and what makes this a challenge.  Next one is yours for the grabbing!! Thank you to our unbelievable trainers, Lynette, Natasha and Frankie.  What a superb job you have … [Read more...]

4 excuses for not doing Way to Wellness Bootcamp


As you can imagine I hear a lot of excuses from people as to why they can't join us but here are the four most common that I hear often, none of which need to be true! 1. Not enough time Boot camps are early morning, after the school run or at the end of the working day in 4 different locations - all designed to help you fit it into your day. It's all about routine and consistency, try to … [Read more...]

Spring Challenge is almost here – have you signed up?


Spring Challenge is days away, have you signed up yet? All you need to do to sign up is: 1. Drop me an email or tell me before Friday that you're in, so I can do the teams over the weekend. 2. Tell me if there is a group that you want to be part of 3. Give me, or your trainer, your R100 (cash only) entry money before Friday Then you are good to go! What are the 'Rules of Spring … [Read more...]

Spring Challenge 2015 – the count down begins……..


Are you ready to be the best you can be? Jump into the Way to Wellness Spring Challenge & Kick Start your Spring! Starts Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16 September 2015 Spring is just around the corner, the weather is warming up. Now is the time to act to be the best you can be! Spring challenge will start 15 or 16 September depending on your boot camp session days - are you ready? This year we … [Read more...]

Habits of the fit & healthy


Top Tips to Healthy Habits: I've been running for a long time now, which has put me in the privileged position of being able to watch & learn from a lot of elite athletes. Here are some of my observations on how they stay fit and healthy. Relationship to food 1. They always have breakfast - not sugary cereal but a good healthy one - greek yoghurt, Hijke is my favourite, with berries … [Read more...]

Why exercise?

August - no joining fee

This is a question that I often hear, together with why should I do Bootcamp? What makes it different? So let’s answer the first question first! Why exercise? I’m going to assume that you know all the physical reasons why and focus on the emotional ones – EXERCISE IS A MOOD CHANGER – it can help you feel stronger, calmer, happier. It can relieve stress. Exercise releases endorphins and … [Read more...]

How to get fit? Top tips for starting & sticking at it!


We all know that we should exercise. There are numerous studies and articles that give us the reasons to do it. BUT and it’s a very big BUT we are all so very good at the excuses why not. I’ve heard them all, too busy, I don’t need to, I can’t, it’s too cold……..but we all feel so much better when we do. We also feel a little bit righteous that we made it when others were sleeping, working or just … [Read more...]

The benefits of sports massage


Jacqui Young, sports massage therapist at the Sports Injury Clinic, Broadacres, recently spoke to a group of boot campers about the benefits of sports massage and introduced us to a novel test methodology, called ‘ The Bunkie Test’ - see pictures above. Sports massage alleviates pain that occurs in certain parts of the body following too much physical activity. It not only alleviates pain but … [Read more...]