What supplements should be taking to stay fit & healthy?


Hi everyone, I frequently get asked which vitamins and supplements one should take to maintain health and to avoid getting sick and injured.  Hope this article and list of vitamins and supplements helps and answers all your questions:- How can I remain flu-free when everyone around me is sick? Getting flu at the peak of your training or just before a major event – such as the Comrades … [Read more...]

Elimination Diet friendly smoothie recipe

pineapple & spinach [eatingwell.com]

I love smoothies - quick easy and the perfect solution to what to eat after a work out. A smoothie is so much better for you than a juice. It contains all the part of the fruit and vegetable giving you all the healthy fibres as well as the other nutrients, preventing those sugar highs and lows that happen so quickly on a juice. This is one of my favourite recipes from my good friend Lynette. Just … [Read more...]

Elimination Diet

Elimination diet front cover

The Elimination Diet is the cornerstone of all my dietary recommendations, this no nonsense eating plan gives results time and time again. It's principles are simple, but in reality a little harder to stick to, but a must if you want that feeling of well-being and health that only a solid exercise routine and healthy diet can bring. When you start eating this way, it is so important that you … [Read more...]

Cool & refreshing watermelon salad – just right for this heat!

watermelon salad

Watermelon salad. So simple and effective – one of my favourites, goes amazingly with air fried chicken (I'm sure you've heard me rave about my airfryer!) or chicken done on the braai. If you're following true elimination, leave out the feta!! Watermelon, rocket, feta 1 cup sliced mint leaves Dressing. 1/4 cup fresh orange juice 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 1 x chopped shallot 1 Tb … [Read more...]

Should you eat breakfast?

granola [lisafederer]

Eating or not eating breakfast is a constant debate, but the general consensus is that a protein rich meal to start your day is beneficial. After all you body has been starved for at least 8 hours and needs kicking back into action but be careful what you eat - refined carbohydrate breakfasts such as sugary cereals or refined pastries will cause your blood sugar to rise dramatically and crash just … [Read more...]

Good or Bad, what does the science say?

avo, coffee, r wine  & chocolate

What does science say about eating Avo’s, Chocolate & Red Wine? Simply put avo’s, red wine and coffee could be good for your heart, but for chocolate the jury is still out…….. As you all know, my mantra for healthy eating is ‘in moderation’ once you’ve cut out the seriously unhealthy stuff like sugar. But what does the science actually say about these four foods that we all love? Scarily … [Read more...]

Quick, easy, healthy breakfast ideas…..

Healthy drink, vegetable juice, studio shot

Green smoothie: Ingredients: Handful baby Spinach; Whole peeled cucumber; 1 x small apple; 4 squares of water melon ; 1 slice green melon ;½ squeezed lemon ;4 – 6 mint leaves ; 6 -8 grapes (optional) Blend well together, add chilled water until it reaches the right consistency. Pour, drink & enjoy.     Gut-Friendly Blueberry Probiotic Smoothie: Ingredients: ½ cup fresh … [Read more...]

Eating right for your thyroid


The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped organ that sits at the front of the neck. It's the primary regulator of the metabolism and impacts our endocrine function.  If you're experiencing symptoms such as memory loss, sudden weight gain or a slowing down of all processes, a sluggish thyroid may be to blame. One of the biggest reasons our thyroid slows down, in addition to aging, is lack of iodine. … [Read more...]

Not losing weight, even though you’re trying hard?

hate-scale [popsugar.com]

Losing weight and/or maintaining a healthy body weight is based on three key factors – healthy diet; consistent exercise and adequate sleep. We talk a lot about the second at Boot Camp but what about the other two?  So if you’re feeling like you’re doing everything right, but that weight still isn’t going – here’s some things to watch out for that might be holding you back. Lack of … [Read more...]

What to eat for your body shape?


Bodies all store fat slightly differently which creates different body shapes, and because of this there is no one size fits all approach to losing body fat and weight. Every body shape reacts differently to food and may lose weight differently. It is well established that a full body exercise routine such as Way to Wellness Bootcamp is a key part to a healthy lifestyle. But exercise can only take … [Read more...]