Terms and Conditions

  • All payments STRICTLTY before the 7th of every month.
  • Payments are invoiced month to month – However, a one month letter of resignation and one months payment will be applicable, should you stop Bootcamp.
  • No refunds will be considered.
  • If illness or any other cause prevents you from attending a session, you may attend any of the other classes to make up your missed session.
  • If you are sick or away on business or holiday for any period longer than TWO weeks and you are unable to attend Bootcamp, a 50% credit will be passed in the subsequent month.
  • No credit will be given if your absence is shorter than TWO weeks.
  • Any and all absences must be discussed and agreed upon before credit will be passed.
  • Holiday months (such as April, August and December) will be charged at Half-month rates, regardless of attendance.

Discounted rates apply if paid in advance, as follows:-
Pay for 2 months in advance and receive a 10% discount.
Pay for 3 months in advance and receive a 15% discount.