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Exercise Tips

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  • Fitness Tests

    “Monthly fitness tests to check your measurements, your strengths and to set yourself goals!”
    Fitness Tests
  • Bootcamp Sessions

    “Two or three 1 hour sessions per week; regular challenges, body evaluation & fitness test
    Bootcamp Sessions
  • Benefits of Bootcamp

    Improves cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, & body strength
    Benefits of Bootcamp
  • Meet the Trainers

    “We are strictly committed to enhance the lives of those whom we train both physically and mentally.”
    Meet the Trainers
  • Bootcamp Requirements

    “Your own water, your own towel, a positive attitude and be prepared to have fun whilst getting a GREAT workout”
    Bootcamp Requirements
  • What is Bootcamp?

    “Fun, challenging, calorie burner, all over body workout!”
    What is Bootcamp?
  • Elimination Challenge

    “Regular elimination challenges to give your health & well-being a boost”
    Elimination Challenge

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There are many factors that contribute to the magic of Bootcamp, Gill being the driving force – she motivates, encourages, challenges and pushes each of us, knowing our personal limitations and boundaries. We have a fantastic group who attend our sessions, and it has to be said that suffering in a group is much more fun than suffering on your own.