What supplements should be taking to stay fit & healthy?


Hi everyone, I frequently get asked which vitamins and supplements one should take to maintain health and to avoid getting sick and injured.  Hope this article and list of vitamins and supplements helps and answers all your questions:- How can I remain flu-free when everyone around me is sick? Getting flu at the peak of your training or just before a major event – such as the Comrades … [Read more...]

Way to Wellness expands their fitness offering – Running clinics

Dainfern 16 Sept

Running clinic Have you booked your first spring run/ marathon or other race? Is it making you nervous? Not sure how to handle the mass start, get ahead of the pack, sprint to the finish? Why not join me in a running clinic to understand your running style and learn techniques to ensure that you can achieve that personal best? I'm an experienced 21 km, marathon and ultra marathon … [Read more...]

Way to Wellness expands their fitness offering – Personal Training

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Personal Training Do you feel that you need more personal attention than Bootcamp offers? Do you struggle to get to a session because of your hectic schedule? Would you like to plan your fitness session around your diary? If you've answered yes to any of these, then personal training may be for you. Why not call me to arrange a session. I'm a fully qualified personal trainer and have … [Read more...]

What are these 2 W2W trainers favourite exercises?

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I shared with you my favourite exercise, the humble lunge. I still think you can't beat it but the other trainers at W2W disagree with me and each have their own favourite, so let me highlight theirs. Let's start with Kirsti, Saints and Tracy, Fernbrook. 1. Kirsti Wells, trainer at Saints, just loves the skipping rope. Another seemlingly humble piece of equipment but so so good for us. Costing … [Read more...]

I’m often asked what my favourite exercise is, so here goes!

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I love lunges, and running but being a marathon runner I would say running, so let's focus on lunges. Why lunges? Lunges target the quadriceps, but also build the glutes, hamstrings, calves and core muscles. Stars for toning the lower body, but back friendly too  as you need to keep your back straight and your chest lifted. And you can do them anywhere - what a perfect exercise! They are … [Read more...]

Elimination Diet friendly smoothie recipe

pineapple & spinach [eatingwell.com]

I love smoothies - quick easy and the perfect solution to what to eat after a work out. A smoothie is so much better for you than a juice. It contains all the part of the fruit and vegetable giving you all the healthy fibres as well as the other nutrients, preventing those sugar highs and lows that happen so quickly on a juice. This is one of my favourite recipes from my good friend Lynette. Just … [Read more...]

Why is Way to Wellness outdoors?

why train outside 17h30 bootcampers

Way to Wellness bootcamps are outside, except if its raining and then we train undercover. But even undercover our locations have some stunning views of Joburg to motivate and inspire you. How many times have you done crunches admiring a stunning view or watching a weaver bird build his nest? We do regularly! Training outside has recently been shown to have greater benefits than training in the … [Read more...]

Have you ever wondered why you need to do 10 000 steps a day?

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Most fitness gadgets come with pre-set targets to get you started and a common one is to achieve 10 000 steps per day. It's harder to achieve than you think for the normal sedentary person as 10 000 steps is the equivalent to walking or running 8 km, you need to change your lifestyle to achieve this regularly.  Way to Wellness Bootcamps can help you to achieve that target, we regularly achieve 5 … [Read more...]

Way to Wellness powered by Cell C

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January was a huge month for Way to Wellness as we entered a partnership with Cell C. With Cell C's drive enthusiasm and support for the business, 2016 will be a big year for us. They have helped us with logos, marketing, welcome goody bags, and so much more. A big thank you to the team at Cell C for all your support - you know who you all are and a big thumbs up to all of you. Welcome to Way … [Read more...]

Cell C mini challenge 8 – 26 February 2016

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An important part of Way to Wellness Bootcamps are our challenges. We hold two a year, one full challenge and one mini challenge. It gets everyone going, spices up our motivation to achieve the next level of our goals. Feb is mini challenge month. We our recent partnership with Cell C we have some amazing prizes up for grabs to really motivate Bootcampers to deliver their best. Points mean prizes … [Read more...]