What are these 2 W2W trainers favourite exercises?

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I shared with you my favourite exercise, the humble lunge. I still think you can't beat it but the other trainers at W2W disagree with me and each have their own favourite, so let me highlight theirs. Let's start with Kirsti, Saints and Tracy, Fernbrook. 1. Kirsti Wells, trainer at Saints, just loves the skipping rope. Another seemlingly humble piece of equipment but so so good for us. Costing … [Read more...]

I’m often asked what my favourite exercise is, so here goes!

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I love lunges, and running but being a marathon runner I would say running, so let's focus on lunges. Why lunges? Lunges target the quadriceps, but also build the glutes, hamstrings, calves and core muscles. Stars for toning the lower body, but back friendly too  as you need to keep your back straight and your chest lifted. And you can do them anywhere - what a perfect exercise! They are … [Read more...]

Why is Way to Wellness outdoors?

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Way to Wellness bootcamps are outside, except if its raining and then we train undercover. But even undercover our locations have some stunning views of Joburg to motivate and inspire you. How many times have you done crunches admiring a stunning view or watching a weaver bird build his nest? We do regularly! Training outside has recently been shown to have greater benefits than training in the … [Read more...]

Have you ever wondered why you need to do 10 000 steps a day?

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Most fitness gadgets come with pre-set targets to get you started and a common one is to achieve 10 000 steps per day. It's harder to achieve than you think for the normal sedentary person as 10 000 steps is the equivalent to walking or running 8 km, you need to change your lifestyle to achieve this regularly.  Way to Wellness Bootcamps can help you to achieve that target, we regularly achieve 5 … [Read more...]

3 exercises to strengthen your arms & core


These exercises look to tone shoulders, back , chest and arms to give you the ability to look fabulous in that new sleeveless dress that you bought! 1. T- Raise Stand with your feet hip width apart, hold a set of hand weights at your hips. Bend your knees and bring your torso to be parallel to the ground. Engage your core. Lift the weights to shoulder height with your arms out straight - … [Read more...]

Stretching – an important part of your workout


When you stretch after a workout, you benefit both physiologically and psychologically. When you work out, lactic acid builds up in your muscles and this can lead to muscle fatigue and soreness. Stretching after a workout helps to reduce that soreness. If you’re short on time, try these four stretches, and you will reap the rewards with a relaxed, injury-free body and a calm … [Read more...]

3 exercises to improve your balance

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Balance is an important part of a good workout. Developing your core and building muscle strength  becomes much easier when you improve your balance. Here are three simple moves that can help you to improve your balance and improve your workout. Single Leg Dead Lifts Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and life your right foot up behind you, so your shin is parallel to the ground. … [Read more...]

Kettlebell and Medicine Ball workouts to build your muscle mass and strength

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Kettlebells The kettlebell’s shape, which creates an uneven distribution of weight, makes exercises more challenging. Researchers now say that kettlebell workouts as well as improving your strength/ muscle mass, can improve your balance and reaction time too. "When you're swinging, passing, or flipping the bell, your body intuitively counterbalances the weight," says Lorna Kleidman, the … [Read more...]

Bridges to strengthen your glutes, hammies and core

Hammy marches 2 March 2015

    April focuses on our glutes, hammies and core for great posture, fabulous butts and for overall strength for each of us to perform our best, whatever our favourite pastime. See the article in motivation of all the reasons why you should do bridges regularly. Single Leg Bridge Lay flat on your back with knees bent hip width and hands by your sides. Bring right knee into your chest and keep … [Read more...]