Abs March

Uptown funk abs Mar 2015

March is the month for eating our way fit and working our abs. Boot camp this month is focused on core strength and particularly working those abs. Here's two great examples of work outs that you can do to improve your abs, as well as a picture of boot campers putting it into action. Seated knee tucks, they're a killer, but so so good for your core. As for eating our way to health - our … [Read more...]

Why not include your partner in your exercise routine?

Partner exercises 1

February is the month of love, so why not involve your partner in your exercise routine – here are some exercises that you can do together. Let’s start with a simple crunch, squat combination: One of you lies on your back and grabs the other’s ankles, crunch up 20 times, rest 10 seconds, repeat 3 times. Whilst your partner is working that core, you can do 20 squats and work those thighs. And … [Read more...]

How to maintain your fitness over the holidays? – see programmes below

Commit to an exercise program like Bootcamp every day

Hi guys, So here you have it…. Your holiday training program (3 days per week). All you need is a skipping rope, theraband and a kettlebell if you have one, and your running shoes of course. Keep it going, keep it clean, keep it holiday lean............ Yours in health & wellness Have an awesome summer holiday Gill   Programme 1: Warm up run (20 – 30 minutes). First … [Read more...]

Doctors dole out prescriptions for exercise

Dylan in action - Fernbrook

Doctors Dole Out Prescriptions for Exercise;  Activity Regimens Become the New Vital Signs By LAURA LANDRO Dec. 8, 2014 8:05 p.m. ET  The Wall Street Journal Patients are coming out of the doctor’s office with prescriptions for physical activity in addition to drugs, doctor referrals and follow-up protocols. Doctors are working exercise counselling into office visits and calling exercise a … [Read more...]

How many hours per week should one exercise to cut bodyfat and keep it off?

exercise 55

A recent four year study done on 200 obese and overweight women by the University of Pittsburgh showed that exercising for at least 55 minutes, five days a week is an effective way to lose fat and maintain a 10 percent drop in weight. This is particularly true of those individuals who are overweight, obese, or have medical conditions – such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, or … [Read more...]

What Is The Gladiator Series?


It's a race for the biggest couch potato to the most extreme of athletes! The Gladiator is an obstacle course race ranging from 6km of awesome trails in the centre of Joburg to half marathon distance in the koppies of Muldersdrift. For those who would like to challenge themselves beyond a fun run, like to get down and dirty but perhaps don’t like getting so dirty that they have to throw away … [Read more...]

How to be Successful with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Cut the emotional “motivation” part. Do what you need to do, regardless of your levels of motivation. Motivation will fluctuate. The true essence of commitment does not. Cut the emotion about your body and methodically follow a structured, realistic plan. Find an activity that you enjoy, like BOOTCAMP so that exercise does not feel like “punishment”. Take full your responsibility for you … [Read more...]

A Healthy approach to 2014

healthy approach

The first thing is to get rid of the unhealthy mindsets and obstacles that undermine your resolve to change your eating and lifestyle habits for the better. Focus on the outcome - not the process! Remind yourself how good you're going to feel after you have worked out. Instead of focusing on feelings of discomfort and sacrifice, anticipate how fabulous you're going to look once you have lost … [Read more...]

2014 Hot tips, to a Hot Bod

Rubbing creams onto your thighs/bum to make them thin, is the same as rubbing cake onto your thighs to make them fat. You can't spot reduce. If you could, people who chewed gum would have skinny cheeks. If you (consistently) eat more than you burn up, you will get fatter. If you can bench press 140 kgs, but can’t do 40 “burpees” without throwing up an organ, you’re not conditioned. If you … [Read more...]

How to start Running


Are you already in the habit of regular exercise? Want to add running to your routine? You’re ready to run if you have spent at least two weeks walking or doing some other form of exercise (like using a stationary bike or an elliptical trainer) on a regular basis – roughly 30 minutes per day, four or five days per week. Start with run/walks. While it’s tempting to just go out and run as fast … [Read more...]