Nutrition supplements – what should you take and why?

nutritional supplements

Worthwhile Supplements: Besides the general good daily multi-vitamin, these 3 supplements are most worthwhile, in fact most crucial especially in the build up to a major event, such as the London Marathon, which I've just completed. Yeah! I would also suggest a 6 week vitamin B (injection) course, to boost your energy levels and immune system.   Glutamine (aka … [Read more...]

My top tips on what to eat as you train for an endurance event or even just to come to boot camp!


The immune system is the body’s defence against illness and infection, and regular, moderate exercise boosts the immune system and reduces the risk of infection, when compared to living a sedentary lifestyle. On the flip side, intense training may cause immunosuppression in athletes, so to minimise the risk of infection and improve recovery, nutrition and supplementation are most important. My … [Read more...]

Gill’s training for the London Marathon – how does she do it & why is each part so important?


    Gill is training for the London marathon at the end of April following from her successful run in New York. For this rest of this month, we will be sharing Gill's training programme, so if you are looking to run a marathon this year - for the first time or second or third or more - it will give you an insight into how and what you need would need to commit to. Please note, that Gill is a … [Read more...]

Success in March, so far……………

PowerPoint Presentation

Way to Wellness boot campers are a talented bunch, from those that start their first 5km park runs, to those that are walking champions, not to mention everyone else between. So far in March – all these amazing ladies have achieved all of this. They make me so very very proud and hold our Way to Wellness banner high. From Fernbrook Boot Camps: Zodwa running 10km at Rock the Run … [Read more...]

Success in February

Dolores after Pnp Feb 2015

Gill's corner is not just about Gill, it's also about the other amazing achievements of our bootcampers, so this post is featuring Gill, Dolores, Lynette, Zodwa and Rowena. What an amazing bunch! Winning races, achieving personal bests. They make us all so very proud and hold the Way to Wellness banner so very very high! Go for it!! Gill - 1st vet and 2nd lady Pick n Pay marathon, 9 … [Read more...]

Sports Massage can help you….

JYoung massage back

     So have you been complaining of fatigue and exhaustion? Sports massage can help you get back on track quickly.  It re-energises the body, and allows you to keep going with the sport/activity which you enjoy most.  Leaving the tiredness too long, can lead to injury and an absence from your sport.  So, act on it now!  Book an appointment. Course of treatments are also available … [Read more...]

Motivational speaker series 2015 – No. 2 – Tasty to Health, the RAWvolution

Raw food

Following on from the success of our first talk in the series – Paula Quinsee, Life Coach, on setting goals.[article under our motivation section]. I am delighted to bring you the second in the motivational speaker series: ‘Tasty to health, the RAWvolution’. Do you wonder what the buzz about raw foods is all about? Do you understand how the body’s acid and alkaline balance is regulated by food? … [Read more...]

Gill does it again

Gill - Pnp Marathon Feb 2015, 1st vet, 2nd lady

On the 8 February 2015, Gill completed the Pick n Pay marathon winning first veteran and second placed lady. Way to go Gill! You get stronger and stronger every time, working those hills after Dischem really paid off. Gill would like to say an enormous thank you to David Els for keeping her focused and to Vreni and her unbelievable team. She is honored to be back running in RAC … [Read more...]

Discovery Vitality Points


Way to wellness is registered with Discovery as a fitness provider. Please let me know if you would like to renew your registration with Discovery Vitality.  This is a once off fee of R150 per annum, and you will receive 150 points per bootcamp session. I will log all your points for you. Please send me your ID number and pay R150 and I will set it up for you. … [Read more...]