Have you ever wondered why everyone talks about strength or resistance training being so important?

Loss of muscle mass

Well, it’s so that we do not succumb so quickly to the aging process and lose muscle mass. As we age our bodies start to lose muscle and strength, it’s a natural part of aging, but the rate of decline can be slowed by good nutrition and strength/ resistance training. The picture shows the difference in muscle mass between a 25 year old (left hand picture) and the same person at 63 years (right … [Read more...]

5 reasons to do bridges every day

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April is focus month on glutes and hamstrings because as you can imagine, a strong, toned butt has major benefits! Aside from making any bikini or pair of jeans look fabulous, strong glutes play a vital role in sports performance, injury prevention and day to day body function. One of the ways to strengthen those glutes is the bridge. Here are five reasons to add bridges to your workout every … [Read more...]

Exercise is for everyone – no excuses!

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     Domestic workers in Johannesburg make use of an outdoor gym to exercise every weekday after finishing their chores at nearby homes. Pictures by Daniel Born. Published The Times 11 Feb 2015. These domestic workers use the outdoor gym installed in Greenside, as well as the open spaces, to exercise after a day’s work. It’s not just about improving their fitness levels it is also about the … [Read more...]

3 easy steps to Wellness from the motivational speaker series 2015


Paula Quinsee, Life, Health and Relationship Coach talking to Way to Wellness, 12 Feb 2015: 3 easy steps to Wellness Paula recently spoke to a group from Way to Wellness about how to succeed, set and achieve goals in life, health, fitness and overall wellness. Paula was truly inspiring as she shared her fitness challenges and successes, whilst reminding us that what she achieved is not … [Read more...]

Motivational speakers – guest series; new for 2015

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New for 2015:  This year to supplement the events that we run, such as the elimination & fitness challenges, we will be hosting a series of motivational talks with specialist speakers to support us on the road to better health & wellness. The first will be in February. The first of them will be held on 12 February at 9:00 with Paula Quinsee, Life Coach, Mentor and Relationship … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions: Making them last and staying positive and consistent!


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle The thing about motivation, is that it doesn’t last. Motivation is an emotion. And like all emotions, it ebbs and flows. So the first two weeks of January 2015 were exciting: Your new training program and diet was driven by motivation. Four weeks later, are you still relying on your motivation (emotion) to … [Read more...]