Motivational speaker series 2015 – No. 3 – Benefits of sports massage & how to eat Raw in winter

The third in our motivational series will be on the 12 May at Raw Cafe, Hurlingham. Jacqui Young will be joining us to talk about the benefits of sports massage. She will be followed by Carol Anthony motivating us to continue to adopt the benefits of raw foods even in winter, when steaming hot food may seem more appealing.

Please join us

benefits of sports massageRaw foodDate: Tuesday 12 May

Time: 09:30

Venue: Raw Café, 3 Adele Place, Hurlingham

Cost: R100, raw breakfast included.

RSVP with payment to your boot camp trainer as soon as possible

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Why sports massage?

Regular massage has been shown to:

Increase flexibility                                             Decrease muscle tension

Increase the elimination of lactic acid           Decrease the chance of injury

Increase joint range of motion                        Decrease recovery time between workouts

Increase blood flow                                           Decrease muscle spasm

Increases your sense of well-being

Simply put, sports massage re-energises your body, and allows you to keep going with the sport/activity which you enjoy most, minimising the risk of injury and an absence from your sport.

Why Raw food?

This workshop will help you to discover how easy it is to add more raw food to your diet. And how to make it fun, interesting and deliciously nutritious.  The standard Western diet is filled with processed food, bad fats, sugar, stimulants and preservatives resulting in an acidic environment in the body. We need to go back to eating food the way nature intended it,  unprocessed, preservative free and, where possible, raw.  Heating food above 37 degrees kills vital nutrients: minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Exercise Tips

PowerPoint Presentation

I shared with you my favourite exercise, the humble lunge. I still think you can’t beat it but the other trainers at W2W disagree with me and each have their own favourite, so let me highlight theirs. Let’s start with Kirsti, Saints and Tracy, Fernbrook. 1. Kirsti Wells, trainer at Saints, just loves the skipping […]

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