Motivational speakers – guest series; new for 2015

New for 2015: 

This year to supplement the events that we run, such as the elimination & fitness challenges, we will be hosting a series of motivational talks with specialist speakers to support us on the road to better health & wellness. The first will be in February.

The first of them will be held on 12 February at 9:00 with Paula Quinsee, Life Coach, Mentor and Relationship Councillor.  Paula is a certified Imago Educator and Professional Facilitator and NLP Life Coach. In addition she is also a competitive athlete having competed in numerous endurance, marathon events across South Africa. In 2014, Paula ran 504km from Stonehaven on Vaal to Pietersmaritzburg in under 48 hours for charity – a phenomenal achievement.

You can find out more about the support that Paula gives her clients on her website or follow her Facebook page.


Paula Quinsee

To hear Paula talk about Setting Life Goals and how to achieve them, please join us:

Date:   Thursday 12 February

Time:  09h00 – 10h00

Venue:  Café Raw

Address:  3 Adele Place,  Hurlingham.

Guest speaker:   Paula Quinsee, Life and relationship Coach.

RSVP:and payment by 01 February to your boot camp trainer.  Limited space.

Cost: R100 which includes:

1. Paula Quinsee guest speaker will be talking about goal setting and how to achieve your goals, focusing also around love.  Feb, the month of love.

  1. A light breakfast including crackers, hummus, pesto, oats soaked in macadamia nut cream or muesli and dried fruit platters, provided by Café Raw. Infused water will also be provide. Tea, coffee, smoothies, green juices, coconut water, etc on sale, not included in the cost of breakfast. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients, no suar, preservatives or processed ingredients, and wheat and gluten free. Products and snacks will be on sale on the day, and Carol will be available to give advice on her products, meals and snacks.
  1. Carol  will  also give each attendee a R100 gift voucher for gymwear on display. We reserve the right to exclusively display Innergize gymwear.

Motivation Photo attribution: www. by Stuart Miles ID 101101766

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