Why is Way to Wellness outdoors?

Sunrise at Saints (2)IMG_3350

Way to Wellness bootcamps are outside, except if its raining and then we train undercover. But even undercover our locations have some stunning views of Joburg to motivate and inspire you. How many times have you done crunches admiring a stunning view or watching a weaver bird build his nest? We do regularly!

Training outside has recently been shown to have greater benefits than training in the gym. Here are just a few:

1. Higher endorphin levels

2. It’s invigorating improving your sense of wellbeing, increased alertness, decreased anxiety and lower resting heart rate.

3. Topping up on your daily Vitamin D levels ensuring better calcium absorption and potentially stronger bones

4. In winter cold, you can burn 30% more calories just by doing the same session

5. It’s more fun as we can do a greater variety of exercises than you can in the gym.

What to try it for yourself? Why not contact me?

Pic: L. Sunrise at Saints; Theraband push ups in the park at Fernbrook.

Exercise Tips

PowerPoint Presentation

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