Motivational speaker series 2015 – No. 2 – Tasty to Health, the RAWvolution

Following on from the success of our first talk in the series – Paula Quinsee, Life Coach, on setting goals.[article under our motivation section]. I am delighted to bring you the second in the motivational speaker series: ‘Tasty to health, the RAWvolution’.

Do you wonder what the buzz about raw foods is all about? Do you understand how the body’s acid and alkaline balance is regulated by food? Do you & your family eat too much processed food? Can’t answer these questions, well this talk is for you.

Carol Anthony, writer on raw food for Fitness Magazine and owner of the Raw Café, will be talking to us about why raw and getting us to taste the food as well as showing us just how easy it is to prepare.

Please join us
cafe rawRaw foodDate: Thursday 12 March

Time: 09:30

Venue: Raw Café, 3 Adele Place, Hurlingham

Cost: R100, raw breakfast included.

RSVP with payment to your boot camp trainer as soon as possible

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Why Raw food?

This workshop will help you to discover how easy it is to add more raw food to your diet. And how to make it fun, interesting and deliciously nutritious.  Carol will be demonstrating dishes and making recipes available. We will also be tasting some gourmet raw snacks and foods.

The standard Western diet is filled with processed food, bad fats, sugar, stimulants and preservatives resulting in an acidic environment in the body. We need to go back to eating food the way nature intended it,  unprocessed, preservative free and, where possible, raw.  Heating food above 37 degrees kills vital nutrients: minerals, vitamins and enzymes.  Come to the workshop on the 12 March at 09:30 to understand more.

Let’s start a RAWvolution, making small, sustainable changes that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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