Our Kaapse Hoop successes! So proud!

I have a deep respect for and am in awe of the success of 3 of our ladies who ran Kaapse Hoop this past Saturday. (in plus 30 degree temps).
Lida Viljoen (Yum, Nicol) did a whooping PB of 3:44 minutes for the 42.2km

Michelle Decker (Saints) did a personal best of 1:59 for the 21.1km (in blue at the finish line)

Teresa Wilson (Saints), in spite of suffering from a tummy bug, she completed the marathon in sub 5 hours. True Champion – when the tough gets going, never quit!!

Photos from left to right: Lida; Michelle and Teresa with me!

Lida Nov 2015 Michelle Decker Nov 2015 Teresa & Gill Nov 2015

Exercise Tips

PowerPoint Presentation

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