Spring Challenge 2015 – the count down begins……..

logoAre you ready to be the best you can be? Jump into the Way to Wellness Spring Challenge & Kick Start your Spring!

Starts Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16 September 2015

Spring is just around the corner, the weather is warming up. Now is the time to act to be the best you can be! Spring challenge will start 15 or 16 September depending on your boot camp session days – are you ready?

This year we will focus on individual and group competitions, whether that be losing a few kg’s or just achieving that one fitness goal that has been tantalisingly out of reach – I know you can do it!

For 2015 we are aiming to get 100 boot campers to take part in the Spring Challenge – that’s you, your friends, your partner, your work colleagues……… bring them all along. I’ll allocate you to a team to support & motivate you, just let me know if you have a preference. It’ all about team spirit and fun.

When: 15 or 16 Sept to 13 or 14 Oct 2015
Where: Bootcamp Sessions [Dainfern, Fernbrook, Nicol, Saints]
Cost: R100 (for the prize money fund) and one month’s Bootcamp fees.
What do I have to do?
Just come to the sessions regularly and follow the elimination diet (diet not compulsory)
What do you get?
Well, apart from a super toned summer body and being the best you can, there will be loads of prizes for individual and group achievements as well as the overall winning team.

So are you jumping in Spring??

Let’s just do it! Because we know we can!

Exercise Tips

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