What a fabulous start to running season! Rated 2nd vet for 2014

Ocean basket Pretoria 15km 2nd vet, 62.51mins IMG_1676Race season started for me with the Total Sports Women’s Day Run on the 10th August. Running with the inspirational Teresa, see her story in a previous post. She & I had an incredible morning – she ran a PB in 53 minutes and I was first Vet. Sjoe it was a tough race but wow I was so inspired by Teresa. She went on the tell her story in front of 10 000 people, and was interviewed by SABC.

This weekend I ran the Ocean Basket 15km in Pretoria. Tough , but happy with 62.51mins, and 2nd vet. Those North Gauteng women are fast and I have some training to do!!!

SA athletics journal 2014 Top  50 marathon performances in 2014And to top it all, I’ve been ranked number 2 veteran in South Africa just behind Zola Bud/ Pieterse in 2014. My PB at the London marathon would put me no.1 – whoa hoo! So excited.

So looking forward to the challenge in September, with all you gorgeous boot campers, you so motivate and inspire me to train hard ?

Exercise Tips

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I shared with you my favourite exercise, the humble lunge. I still think you can’t beat it but the other trainers at W2W disagree with me and each have their own favourite, so let me highlight theirs. Let’s start with Kirsti, Saints and Tracy, Fernbrook. 1. Kirsti Wells, trainer at Saints, just loves the skipping […]

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