4 excuses for not doing Way to Wellness Bootcamp

a-one-hour-workout-is-4-of-your-day-no-excuses-430854As you can imagine I hear a lot of excuses from people as to why they can’t join us but here are the four most common that I hear often, none of which need to be true!

1. Not enough time

Boot camps are early morning, after the school run or at the end of the working day in 4 different locations – all designed to help you fit it into your day. It’s all about routine and consistency, try to start your new regime on a Monday and try not to go more than 3 days without exercising. ¬†Telling other people that you are doing it also helps and committing to a group – that’s why Spring Challenge is such a great place to start! I heard just this morning one of the group saying ‘ I only came this morning because I couldn’t let the team down!’

2. I’m not in shape

The whole point of coming to boot camp is to get in shape!! You don’t need to be fit to start, you just need to start. Not up to running, you can walk. Not up to a full burpee, try a ladies push up instead. If you start slowly and push yourself a little harder every week, you’ll soon be in shape. I try to work a different area of your body every session so you build all over strength & fitness

3. I don’t have the proper gear, it’s too expensive

You don’t need to latest stuff to join boot camp. A pair of trainers is a good idea to support your feet and prevent injuries but it doesn’t have to be the latest version. The outlet stores at Woodmead have a good range of trainers at reduced prices or talk to me as I can sometimes get takkies more cheaply. As to the rest of the gear just a comfortable t-shirt and pair of leggings are a great place to start!

4. I don’t have any motivation

Spring Challenge and or joining a group, all support your motivation and the best thing about exercise is that you feel so good afterwards you want to keep coming back, even if you are a tiny bit sore after the first session!

So having dealt with all the excuses, when will you be joining us? Call me Gill 082 389 9100

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