How to get fit? Top tips for starting & sticking at it!

fitness-inspirational-quotes-tumblr-5116We all know that we should exercise. There are numerous studies and articles that give us the reasons to do it. BUT and it’s a very big BUT we are all so very good at the excuses why not. I’ve heard them all, too busy, I don’t need to, I can’t, it’s too cold……..but we all feel so much better when we do. We also feel a little bit righteous that we made it when others were sleeping, working or just keeping warm inside! Here are some ways that Way to Wellness bootcamp can help you get fit and healthier this winter……

  1. Set your priorities – I am going to do boot camp three times a week, set the goal, commit to it, tell everyone. It’s so much harder to back out of something, when everyone asks you about it!
  2. Get support – that’s me, your trainer, your bootcamp group, don’t let them down. Set up or join the whatsup group, yes it can be irritating on occasion, but you’re never going to forget to go and sometimes it is motivational!!
  3. Don’t expect to be perfect. Boot campers come in all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness. Just do your best, we all have a bad day, but it just got better because you worked out.
  4. Be consistent, if you’ve committed to three times a week, do your best not to have meetings, coffee or other distractions at that time.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get there every time. We all have days were things just don’t go right, the traffic is shocking, the kids are ill, your boss demands a meeting, etc, etc. Just make sure you make it to the next one.
  6. Enjoy it. Yes, occasionally you might feel that you push too hard, but enjoy exercising, talking to your friends (but not to the detriment of your work out), being in the fresh air, the invigorating cold. Focus on the positives of how you feel after a great bootcamp.
  7. Make it more than the numbers – don’t focus on your weight, your time to run 2 -3 km, your repetitions of kettlebells. Motivate yourself through the reason why you exercise – is it to feel good, to feel strong, to do something for me in my maniac day, to mediate, to be inspired, to boost your memory?
  8. Most importantly notice how you feel when it’s done. Just how well do you tackle your day after exercise, does everything feel clearer, easier to handle, more positive? There’s the motivation you need to keep on-going.

Need reminding why you exercise, this article published on is a great one to remind you.

Do you want to keep exercising after reading this? Then either keep coming to Bootcamp or join us today.  See you there. Gill xx


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