Results Spring Challenge 2015

Well Done to all my super star ChampionsJ

Before I jump into this, please remember you truly are all champions, all winners.  The cash and prizes are just the bonus…There always has to be an overall winner – that’s Life and what makes this a challenge.  Next one is yours for the grabbing!!

Thank you to our unbelievable trainers, Lynette, Natasha and Frankie.  What a superb job you have done!!

Thank you to all our sponsors that help with the prizes that makes Spring Challenge so special.

And the biggest Thank you to all of you for the hard work and effort you put in, and making this another unbelievable, successful challenge.  Without you wonderful loyal clients, none of this would be possible:-

The results speak for themselves…. Enjoy!!

Biggest Loser (measured by number of kg lost during Challenge & the number of centimetres)

1.    Ros ( Team Sorbet, Fernbrook)                       – 11.3%

2. Gill Rom (Team High Flyers, Fernbrook)      –   11%

3. Lucinda (Team Fernbrook Marines, Fernbrook)       –    9.9%

Team Spirit

Fernbrook Marines (Claire, Tracy and Lucinda from Fernbrook)

Most Improved Fitness (measured by the most improvement from the opening fitness test to the closing)

1.    Candice (Fernbrook)

2.    Alicia (Easy Riders from Saints)

Team Fitness (measured as individual performance but totaled for the team, pro-rated for numbers)

Candice and Melissa Solomon (Fernbrook)

Overall Winner

1.  Moaning Mamas,(Jan, Kirsty, Kerry and Caroline from Saints)   –   on their  fitness and attendance/activity level

2. Fernbrook Marines (Claire, Tracy and Lucinda from Fernbrook)  –   on their Fitness and attendance/activity levels

3. Easy Riders (Robyn, Alicia, Jenny and Lynette).

The Moaning Mamas, as the overall winners will receive the bonus cash prize to be divided among them.  The 2nd overall winners, the Marines, each received a Sportsman’s warehouse voucher.

The remaining prizes will be given to the Individual winners and teams –

  • 4 x Café Raw products
  • 1  x sports massage
  • 2 x Asics and Saucony running shoes.
  • 1 x bikini/leggings from Blue Feather designs.
  • 1 x Sorbet gift bag, with pampering goodies

Congratulations to you all, very well done!

Top Row from Left to Right – Most improved team and individual fitness: Candice, most improved fitness, with her Sacony running shoe prize; Michelle, the other half of the team for the most improved fitness, in her stunning Blue Feather leggings;

Bottom Row from Left to Right – Our winners: Moaning Mamas with their cash!Our biggest losers Ros & Gill in centre of the photo. Gill’s holding her Sorbet goodie bag; Third place overall winners Easy Riders.

Candice - most improved fitness Melissa runner up fitness, in Blue Feather leggings Moaning Mamas - 1st Ros & Gill biggest losers Second team overall

Exercise Tips

PowerPoint Presentation

I shared with you my favourite exercise, the humble lunge. I still think you can’t beat it but the other trainers at W2W disagree with me and each have their own favourite, so let me highlight theirs. Let’s start with Kirsti, Saints and Tracy, Fernbrook. 1. Kirsti Wells, trainer at Saints, just loves the skipping […]

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