Spring Challenge is almost here – have you signed up?

logoSpring Challenge is days away, have you signed up yet?

All you need to do to sign up is:

1. Drop me an email or tell me before Friday that you’re in, so I can do the teams over the weekend.
2. Tell me if there is a group that you want to be part of
3. Give me, or your trainer, your R100 (cash only) entry money before Friday
Then you are good to go!

What are the ‘Rules of Spring Challenge’?

The Rules

Are simple………points mean prizes

As you start Spring Challenge, you will be allocated to either a team of 3 or 4 people. Please let me know if you want to be with certain people. I will try and make teams from the groups attending the same boot camp session, so can you can motivate each other to give of your best!

On day 1, you will each be given a log sheet to record your activities during the month of the Challenge. It all kicks off with your first fitness test, weight and measurements. Day 1 is time to start the elimination diet too – see towards the end of this email for details.

From your first fitness test, you will need to log the following:
1. Fitness tests, note down all your results. Points will be awarded for your improvement from the first test to the one at the end. It’s all about how much you and your team improve not the overall numbers.
2. Weight and measurements – it’s about individual % and team change not overall cms or kgs
3. Boot Camp attendance – 100% attendance during the month will be awarded the most points, with a scale of points for 75%, 50%, etc
4. Park Runs, 5km or 10km or longer runs, bike races – all count but not gym sessions or club runs. Just note them on your log
5. Weekly team challenge – a new one each week
6. Team spirit points, I’ll award these throughout the month. They can be for anything. e.g. motivating each other, sharing ideas – fitness, recipes; having a great team name; great team look, and so much more.

The challenge ends with a final fitness test, weight and measurements.

Please be aware that if you are in a team of 3, rather than 4, compensation will be made for that at the end of Challenge so everyone has a fair chance.

So are you jumping into Spring?
Let’s just do it! Because we know we can!

Yours in health & wellness

Gill x

082 389 9100



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