The benefits of sports massage

anterior power fascia line posterior power fascia line

Jacqui Young, sports massage therapist at the Sports Injury Clinic, Broadacres, recently spoke to a group of boot campers about the benefits of sports massage and introduced us to a novel test methodology, called ‘ The Bunkie Test’ – see pictures above.

Sports massage alleviates pain that occurs in certain parts of the body following too much physical activity. It not only alleviates pain but may also prevent it through identifying areas of concern. It is a whole body therapy in comparison to physio that may only focus on one area of concern.

Delayed onset muscle soreness prevention.

The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that delayed soreness typically begins 12 – 24 hours post exercise, with the most pain between 24 – 72 hours post. I’m sure you can relate to this after a tough bootcamp session! Sports massage prevents this delayed onset pain by encouraging increased blood flow and lymph flow through out the body, preventing muscle fatigue.

Psychological benefits

Sports massage can be used to relieve stress through the release of endorphins during the massage. These act as the body’s natural pain relievers and have also been shown to decrease anxiety, improve mood and enhance a person’s state of wellness.

As part of her therapy, Jacqui will use ‘The Bunkie Test’ to check for locked long fascia and ensure that the body has a balanced and neutral fascia. It was invented here in South Africa is named after the bankie i.e. little bench! What does that really mean, well the Bunkie test ensures that your body alignment is true and less likely to cause injury or pain whilst you are working out. In addition it assesses your functional strength. There are five main tests for specific fascial lines; anterior power, medial stabilising, lateral stabilising, posterior stabilising and the posterior power line. i.e. your core muscle strength.

You should be able to hold the positions for 10 – 40 seconds without pain, shaking is normal, if you feel pain you must stop to prevent injury. If Jacqui identifies an area of concern she will work with you to ensure that this is correct before injury results. Boot camp sessions will be key to help build your overall strength.

Interested to know more; contact Jacqui 082 733 4379 or

The pictures c/o show the tests for testing the anterior power and the posterior power fascia lines.

Please note the Bunkie Test should not be carried out if you have undertaken any joint related surgery in the past 3 months and should ideally be done with an expert.

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