Good or Bad, what does the science say?

avo, coffee, r wine  & chocolateWhat does science say about eating Avo’s, Chocolate & Red Wine?

Simply put avo’s, red wine and coffee could be good for your heart, but for chocolate the jury is still out……..

As you all know, my mantra for healthy eating is ‘in moderation’ once you’ve cut out the seriously unhealthy stuff like sugar. But what does the science actually say about these four foods that we all love? Scarily the advice can be contradictory so how do you read the science? Questions that you should think about are: Where was it published? A magazine doesn’t carry as much weight as scientific journal.  Is it a big study with lots of people? Who funded it? All these give you an idea of how seriously to take the study and be careful we all like good news to justify our food choices!

Avo’s: a recently published study found that avo’s can lower LDL- cholesterol, the bad cholesterol, but be careful this study was only in 45 people and it was funded by the Hass Avocado Board. So whilst one might be good, please remember not to eat too many as they have a lot of calories.

Coffee: as we discussed in a previous post, a little may be good to help fight cancer, be good for your heart and improve your sex life. But how good is the evidence, well for fighting cancer, very strong more than 40 studies have shown that drinking coffee, in moderation, is inversely associated with the risk of different cancers including breast & prostate. For heart disease ok, one cup of coffee a day reduces risk of death from heart disease and for men to maintain their sex life, 2 -3 cups per day have been shown to reduce the risk of male erectile dysfunction.

Chocolate: we all would really like chocolate to be good for us, so there is active reporting in the media of any positive studies which often means dismissing the ‘chocolate is bad for you’ studies. But to date, the science can say that people who have heart attacks & strokes tend to eat less chocolate and if you can eat 22kg per day chocolate it may improve your memory but not your body!!

Red wine, is just like chocolate in that, we all look for the positive studies to justify our weekend tipple. The heart disease risk reduction has been proven in many studies ( 1- 2 glasses) but so has the problem of over-indulging as this pushes your risk the other way. A recent study also suggests that it may have fat busting properties too, but this was in mice, so I think the jury is still out.

So, all this brings me back to my first comment, everything in moderation until the science is really proven!!


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