What to eat for your body shape?

Bodies all store fat slightly differently which creates different body shapes, and because of this there is no one size fits all approach to losing body fat and weight. Every body shape reacts differently to food and may lose weight differently. It is well established that a full body exercise routine such as Way to Wellness Bootcamp is a key part to a healthy lifestyle. But exercise can only take us so far, we have to alter our eating habits too. The foods that we should avoid as well as those that we eat can be determined by your body shape. Once you understand how your body stores fat and the shape you are, then you can work out a diet that will give you more energy and help the weight come off.

In the descriptions below, foods/ food groups that are not mentioned should be limited in intake.

appleApple: This body shape tends to store fat around the belly area, arms and legs are normally slender. Although this shape is associated with health risks due to the excess fat around the organs, the fat is also relatively easy to get rid of:

What to eat: Clean proteins (chicken, lean beef, fish) and add healthy fats (eggs, avocado, nuts, seeds, full fat cheese) and include plenty of leafy greens.

Eliminate: Coffee and caffeinated drinks, sugary refined carbohydrates such as sports drinks, energy bars or sweetened yoghurts.


pearPear: This body shape tend to gain weight around hips and thighs. This shape appears to have a smaller upper body with little excess weight on arms and chest. Unfortunately weight loss can be frustrating for this body shape as the abdominal subcutaneous fat is difficult to mobilise.

What to eat: High fibre fruit & vegetables; with small portions of  oats, quinoa, buckwheat or brown rice. Small amounts of clean proteins (chicken, lean beef, fish) and non-dairy fats.

Eliminate: High fat dairy, non –organic produce and meats, caffeine, alcohol and unfermented soya (tofu).


inverted pyramidInverted Pyramid: This body shape tends to have broader shoulders that taper down towards the waits and hips. They are prone to storing fat through the chest, back of the arms and above the bra line.

What to eat: Complex carbohydrates (oats, buckwheat and brown rice). Low fat dairy, lots of fresh vegetable juices, leafy greens and high fibre fruits.

Eliminate: Heavy meats & cheese, salty snacks, protein bars, caffeinated drinks.

hourglassHourglass: This body shape typically gains weight evenly throughout the body, often noticeably around the face. This body shape may have a soft and rounded look.

What to eat: Raw vegetables & fruit, whole-grain cereals (oatmeal, quinoa, buckwheat). Include a daily serving of lean protein and plenty of spices.

Eliminate: Caffeinated drinks, dairy, refined carbohydrates, sweets.



Are you interested in learning more about how to eat to your body shape? Traci D Mitchell, published The Belly Burn Plan in 2015 on Harlequin which has more detail and was used as a reference for this article.

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